[2019] [欧美] [纪录] [有水印] [BT下载][哈利德:自由精神][HD-MP4/851M][英语中字][1080p]


导演: Emil Nava
主演: Jahking Guillory Khalid / Dizzy Fae / Judah Lang / Estefania Preciado
类型: 纪录片
制片国家/地区: 美国
语言: 英语
上映日期: 2019-04-03(美国/德国/澳大利亚)
片长: 120分钟

哈利德:自由精神的剧情简介 · · · · · ·

  Multi-platinum award winning global superstar Khalid celebrates the upcoming release of his highly anticipated sophomore album “Free Spirit” with a special companion short film, also titled “Free Spirit” which will be screened as a one-night event in movie theatres worldwide. 
  This special fan event will include the big screen premiere of “Free Spirit” followed by an exclusive early listen of the album. “Free Spirit” is a short film conceived and created by Khalid and Emil Nava. It’s a direct creative parallel to his new album, using the new music to tell the stories of the beauty and the pain of growing up as Khalid has always done in his work. This film expands on his lyrics and artistry by sharing a visual story as a companion piece. 
  The event night will begin with a special intro to fans, followed by the screening and will conclude with the album listening featuring never-before seen commentary from Khalid

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